POKER88 : The essence of each game on the Online Gambling Site

By | Februari 9, 2021

From the observation of the World Gambling team, some AduQ players bring bigger capital or chips than their rivals (not recommending). Actually, big or small capital all depends on each other. Indeed, generally players in the AduQ game still carry chips up to 10 times that of other players. Bringing more capital, it is true that there is a chance to have influence on the enemy so that when playing your enemy is below your average.

The AduQ game is actually easy to win if you can read the tactics and see the opportunities there will be when you meet the enemy. If you are successful in getting enough results, then there is no harm in stopping for a moment to calculate the coffers you have earned, visit poker88. Then, don’t forget to go back to playing at the other table by taking turns, because each table has a different chance of winning.

Playing at a big table / big bet initially makes you afraid of losing chips or a lot of capital. But don’t think you will lose, still enjoy playing and follow the guidelines above. If you win, of course, you will get really phenomenal profits and make you feel good. The point of every game on the Online Gambling Site is the belief in winning and still having tactics.

The AduQ count is the biggest card or the high-priced card, and the high-priced card is 9 or 19. The value of the card is actually only calculated from the back number of the number of cards, for example: one player A gets 7/10 – 4 / 6 and Player B 5/1 – 3/3 if the total cards are: Player A = 17 and Player B = 12 (the high-priced card is player A). {see image below}

The next step is if both players get a card of 9 (usually called ‘kiu’) or have the same card value. Therefore card counting by comparing from the side or based on the value of the card that is getting bigger. For example: Player A gets 4/1 – 4/3 and player B 5/1 – 1/2 because that is the one who will win when the card comparison is player A.